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Who and what is Fight Like A Girl TKM?

Fight Like A Girl TKM is dedicated to bringing people, women especially, effective fighting skills. Based on hand to hand combat systems developed by Military Special Forces, you will learn techniques that will enable you to survive violent confrontations, as well as how to stop them, before they get that far. Read more...


FLAG travels to Thailand April 2008

Kevin,and a number of FLAG students recently traveled to Thailand to train with Itay Gil and Carl Halley. This Advanced Tactical Krav Maga training included Civilian and Law Enforcement Firearms training, as well as Transnational Security Concepts and Law Enforcement Close Combat Instructor training. Itay Gil was recently featured on the Human Weapons series on Foxtel. Images from the trip will be up on this website soon. Drop back to have a look at the action.

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FLAG in the Media


Girlfriend Magazine Cover August 2008

In the August edition of Girlfriend magazine, Kevin gives some great tips on staying safe and gives the features editor a crash course in self-defence. View it here.

Womens Health cover

Women's Health came and gave our classes a go. View what they had to say here.


Cover 9 to 5 Magazine 19 November 2007

In an article in 9 to 5 Magazine released on 19 November FLAG provided some practical advice on safety. View the article HERE

A Current Affair Logo

FLAG was called upon to give advice on self-defence and street safety techniques in a story on A Current Affair, Channel Nine, run Tuesday 13 November . The story looked at the current spate of assaults in taxi's as well as bag snatches and an assault involving a knife threat. If you would like to learn defensive tactics for these and other common attacks, be sure to come along to class. View the story HERE

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Sydney - Induction Class - running in September